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How we started


The (W)right Start is a Philadelphia based infant brand bodysuit line that was founded in 2021 by Sheena Starling and Jerome Carter as way to develop, introduce, and help our little humans step into their own personal style.


When selecting clothes for infants and toddlers, we keep three important factors in mind: comfort, quality, and convenience. Babies will be the happiest when they're able to move around their environment freely.


However, despite the short wear time, parents don’t want cheap disposable fashion, they’re looking for long lasting pieces- and that's where we come in!


Our focus, commitment, and promise to our customers is to always create innovative, one of a kind, and  affordable pieces that will grab the

interest and looks of others.  


Our attention to detail will allow our little consumers to be all the talk at the playground, a family gathering or any social event.


If you are looking for fresh, elevated, and out of the box designs, come along on this exciting creative journey with us. We promise you will not be disappointed!

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